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How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make | Factors Influencing

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make? Compensation is directly linked to commission rates, varying from 4% to 8% in most stores and up to 10% in department stores and high-end establishments.

Have you ever wondered how much they earn for their hard work? We’ll explore the world of furniture salesman commissions, shedding light on the factors that influence their earnings. Understanding these details can help aspiring salespeople and customers appreciate the complexity of the furniture retail industry.

This article will describe how much commission furniture salespeople make and explain how the compensation system works. From understanding market rates to calculating your earnings potential, get ready to uncover all your need-to-know information on becoming a successful furniture salesman.

Understanding How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make

Furniture salespeople’s earnings are often composed of a base salary and commission.

The commission is a percentage they earn from each sale.

This percentage can vary, but it’s typically between 2% to 5% of the furniture’s price.

For instance, a sales associate selling a $1,000 sofa might earn $20 to $50.

High-end furniture stores may offer larger commission rates.

On the other hand, stores selling budget or discounted furniture might offer lower commission rates.

Sales associates may also earn bonuses for reaching certain sales thresholds.

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make

Factors Influencing Commission Rates

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make? The commission earned by a furniture salesperson can be influenced by various factors such as the furniture price, the market rate for commissions, the salesperson’s experience and skills, and the policies of the retailer they work for.

We will also discuss how much commission furniture salespeople make

1. Average Commission Rates

The average commission rates for furniture sales clerks can differ based on several factors.

However, it generally ranges between 2% to 5% of the price of the furniture sold.

For instance, a sales clerk selling a $1000 sofa could earn from $20 to $50.

High-end stores may offer higher commissions, while those selling budget furniture could offer lower rates.

Also, salespeople may earn bonuses for hitting specific sales targets.

2. Experience and Skills

Experience and skills greatly impact a furniture salesman’s commission rates.

Salespeople may start with lower commission rates.

However, their commission percentages can increase as they gain experience and improve their selling skills.

In addition, salespeople with exceptional customer service and product knowledge skills can attract high-end clientele, leading to higher-priced sales and, consequently, higher commissions.

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make

3. Retailer Policies

Retailer policies significantly shape the commission rates for furniture salespeople.

Different stores have varying rules.

Some retailers may offer a fixed commission rate regardless of the furniture price.

Others might have a tiered commission system where rates increase with the value of the furniture sold.

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make

4. Calculating Earnings Potential

How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make? To calculate a furniture salesman’s potential earnings, consider the average commission rate, sales skills, and the retailer’s policies.

For example, if a salesperson sells $10,000 worth of furniture a month and gets a 3% commission, they’ll earn $300.

If they work for a high-end store or have great selling skills, they may sell more and earn higher commissions.

So, a furniture salesperson’s earnings can vary widely.


Understanding How Much Commission Do Furniture Salesman Make is essential for those considering this profession. By understanding the factors influencing a furniture salesperson’s commission, one can appreciate the effort and skills they put into their work. Ultimately, the commission a furniture salesman makes reflects their dedication, expertise, and the value they provide to both the retailer and the client. So, if you are considering buying furniture, acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the salesman who helped you make your purchase. And if you are a furniture salesman, remember that commission rates do not limit your earnings potential but your passion and drive to succeed in this competitive industry.


How much commission do furniture salespeople make?

Furniture salespeople typically make a commission between 2% to 4% on each sale. So, if a salesperson sells a $1,000 couch, they’ll earn $20 to $40. However, their earnings depend on their sales skills and the store’s policies. Some salesmen can make more by selling high-priced furniture or having a higher commission rate.

What is a good commission rate for sales?

A good commission rate for sales usually ranges from 5% to 12%. It depends on the industry, the product’s price, and the difficulty of the sale. For example, selling a luxury car might have a higher commission than selling everyday household items. However, a higher commission rate can motivate salespeople to work harder and increase sales.

Which furniture company pays the most?

The furniture company that pays the most varies. It depends on factors like location, store policy, and sales volume. However, large furniture retailers like Ashley Furniture, RH (Restoration Hardware), and Ethan Allen are known for their competitive pay and commission rates. It’s best to research and compare different companies to find the most lucrative option.

How do I succeed in the furniture business?

To succeed in the furniture business, provide quality products and good customer service. Understand your customers’ needs and trends in the market. Offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Promote your products effectively both online and offline.

Can strong customer relationships lead to higher commission earnings for salespeople?

Strong customer relationships can lead to higher commission earnings. When salespeople form good customer relationships, they’re more likely to make repeat sales. Customers trust their advice and recommendations, leading to higher purchases. This, in turn, increases the commission for salespeople. So, building strong relationships with customers is beneficial for salespeople in the long run.

Is selling furniture a profitable business?

Yes, selling furniture can be a profitable business. High-quality, unique, and fashionable furniture is always in demand. Whether it’s for homes, offices, or businesses, people need furniture. If you offer good products, provide excellent customer service, and price reasonably, you can make a good profit. However, like any business, it requires hard work, market research, and good sales strategies.

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