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How Much Do Furniture Salesmen Make | Commission-Based Pay Structure?

How Much Do Furniture Salesman Make

How Much Do Furniture Salesmen Make? Wage Spectrum for Furniture Craftsmen: The earnings of furniture makers in the United States span from $18,680 to $59,750, with a midpoint salary of $30,720. Have you ever wondered about the earnings of a furniture salesman?

The question “How Much Do Furniture Salesman Make?” sparks interest, especially for those considering a career in furniture retail. In this blog post, we’ll explore how much money furniture salespeople make and what it takes to excel as a successful professional in this field.

With an understanding of the role, pay structure, and growth opportunities available, you’ll get an inside look at how to become an effective furniture salesperson. Read on to learn more about earning potential and where your desire can take you.

Understanding Furniture Salesman Salary

The salary of a furniture salesperson can vary greatly based on experience, skills, and the specific wholesaler they work for.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for sales workers in the furniture stores industry was $24,600 in May 2019.

This means that half of the workers in this occupation earn more than this amount, while the other half earn less.

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $19,120, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $41,790.

How Much Do Furniture Salesman Make

Commission-Based Pay Structure

Most furniture salespeople work on a commission basis.

This means they get paid a percentage of each sale they make.

For instance, if a sales associate sells a $1000 sofa, and his commission rate is 10%, he would earn $100 from that sale.

This pay structure motivates the sales associates to sell more, as their income directly depends on their sales performance.

However, the commission rate can vary depending on the store and the specific piece of furniture.

Average Salaries for Furniture Salesman

Furniture sales assistant can earn differently based on their skills and the store’s policy.

They may get around $30,000 to $45,000 per year.

Sales assistants who sell more furniture can earn more money.

This shows that how much you earn is linked with how much work you do.

So, if you want to earn more, you must try to sell more furniture.

How Much Do Furniture Salesman Make

Factors That Affect Furniture Salesman Earnings

In this section, we will understand “How Much Do Furniture Salesman Make” and also explore these factors that can be useful if you’re planning to become a furniture salesman, as it can help you build a successful career.

Let’s dive in and explore these elements in more detail.

1. Experience and Skills Impact Salary

Experience and skills significantly affect a furniture salesman’s income.

As salespeople gain more work experience, their knowledge of the products and sales techniques improves.

Strong communication and customer service skills are also crucial.

Some salespeople earn over $50,000 annually with these skills and experiences.

Therefore, improving these skills can be beneficial if you strive to earn more as a furniture sales associate.

2. Location

The location, too, affects a furniture salesman’s earnings.

Working in urban areas or posh localities can mean higher-priced furniture and bigger commissions.

In contrast, rural areas or towns may have lower furniture prices, leading to lower earnings.

How Much Do Furniture Salesman Make

3. Customer Service and Relationship Building

Building strong customer relationships is important for a furniture sales associate.

It’s essential for increasing sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Through effective communication and understanding of customer needs, sales associates can offer suitable furniture options, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

This results in repeat business and higher earnings.

4. Quality of Furniture

The quality of the furniture sold also impacts a salesman’s earnings.

High-quality furniture typically commands higher prices, leading to bigger commissions.

Therefore, selling premium furniture can significantly enhance a salesperson’s earning potential.


The question, “How much do furniture salesman make?” has a variety of answers based on multiple factors. The earnings of a furniture salesman are influenced by experience, skills, location, quality of the furniture sold, and the ability to build strong customer relationships. On average, earnings can range from around $30,000 to $45,000 annually, potentially earning more from the commission. A furniture sales clerk selling more high-quality pieces, particularly in urban areas, can often enjoy higher income. So, when we again ask, “How much do furniture salesman make?” the answer largely depends on factors like the individual’s dedication, skill set, and market conditions.


How much do furniture salesmen make?

The earnings of a furniture sales associate can vary widely, but they typically make between $30,000 and $45,000 per year. Their skills, experience, and location can influence their income, the quality of furniture they sell, and their ability to build customer relationships. Remember, if you are interested in a career as a furniture salesman, then it is important to understand “how much furniture salesman make.”

What are the duties of a furniture salesman?

A furniture salesman’s duties include greeting customers, understanding their furniture needs, showing them suitable options, and explaining the features of each piece. They also handle sales transactions, arrange delivery, and provide after-sales service. Good salespeople build lasting customer relationships to encourage repeat business.

Is selling furniture a good business?

Yes, selling furniture is generally a good business. People always need furniture for their homes or offices. You can build a successful furniture-selling business by offering quality products, competitive prices, and good customer service. Also, with online sales growing, selling furniture online can reach more customers.

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