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How To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture | Tips To Identify

How To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture

How To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture? Identifying Authentic Maitland-Smith Furniture: To authenticate Maitland-Smith furniture, look for the brand name above the phrase “handmade in the Philippines.” These distinctive markings are discreetly placed on the underside or back of the furniture.

You’re in the right place if you want to learn to identify Maitland-Smith furniture. Figuring out Maitland-Smith furniture can be exciting and manageable. This blog post will tell you all there is to know about placing Maitland-Smith pieces so you can make informed decisions about purchasing your high-end furniture.

From learning important features to understanding design elements, we’ll cover everything from antique styles to modern fabrics to give you better information on how one identifies genuine Maitland-Smith furnishings. Read on as we explore how to identify authentic Maitland-Smith furniture.

Tips To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture

Here are simple tips that can help you identify genuine Maitland-Smith furniture from the rest.

These guidelines are easy to understand and provide complete information about identifying Maitland-Smith furniture.

Let’s dive in and learn more!

How To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture

Inspect the Quality of Material

Maitland-Smith Furniture is known for its high-quality materials.

Look closely at the furniture piece.

Genuine Maitland-Smith items are made from mahogany, marble, brass, and leather.

If the materials seem cheap or poorly made, they might not be authentic.

The feel of the materials can also tell you a lot.

Natural wood and leather have a distinctive feel that’s hard to fake.

Look for Signature Finishes

Maitland-Smith pieces often have signature finishes.

These finishes are unique and high-end.

They include detailed carvings, hand-painted designs, and gold or silver leaf accents.

If you see these finishes, it could be a Maitland-Smith piece.

But remember to look closely.

Some fakes may try to mimic these finishes.

Genuine Maitland-Smith finishes are always done with great skill and precision.

How To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture

Examine the Craftsmanship

Authentic Maitland-Smith furniture showcases superior craftsmanship.

Look at how the furniture is built.

Genuine pieces are made with skill, showing seamless joinery and expert attention to detail.

Fake ones may have rough edges, loose joints, or uneven finishes, indicating poor craftsmanship.

Always remember that Maitland-Smith has a high level of craftsmanship, and seeing this can help confirm the furniture’s authenticity.

Check for a Manufacturer’s Label

Maitland-Smith furniture always has a label from the maker.

This label is usually found under the furniture or inside drawers.

Finding this label can confirm that the furniture piece is authentic.

But, sometimes, fake furniture also has counterfeit labels.

So, using the label alone to tell if a piece is confirmed may not be enough.

Always use the label check with the other ways we talked about before.

Look for Unique Design

Maitland-Smith furniture often boasts unique designs.

This can include intricate detailing, unusual shapes or innovative ideas.

When you see a piece with a special and unique design, it might be Maitland-Smith.

But remember to cross-check with other features we’ve mentioned.

Not every unique design is a Maitland-Smith.

How To Identify Maitland-Smith Furniture

Seek Professional Opinion

It’s always a good idea to seek a professional opinion.

An antique dealer or a vintage furniture expert can help confirm if your piece is genuine.

They have the expertise to identify real Maitland-Smith furniture by looking at its specific details, style, and quality of construction.

Always remember consultation with an expert can save you from making a costly mistake.

Research the Furniture Style

Maitland-Smith furniture has unique styles.

They often use classic or antique ideas in their designs.

This gives their pieces a timeless feel.

If the style is old, but the furniture looks new, it might be Maitland-Smith.

However, always remember to check other things too.

Style alone can only tell you if the furniture is authentic. So, please do your homework and use all our shared tips.

Verify the Age of the Furniture

Maitland-Smith’s furniture is old, yet it looks new.

This is a crucial sign.

But it takes a lot of work to determine the age of the furniture.

Here are some tips.

Look for signs of wear or use.

Check for any fading or stains.

Also, old wood changes colour with time.

So, check the inside parts.

If the colour is darker, it might be older.

Consider the Price

Maitland-Smith furniture is often pricey due to its high quality and distinctive style.

Cheap prices may point to a fake.

It is if you find a piece selling at a price that seems too good to be true.

Genuine Maitland-Smith items hold their value well, even after years.

Always remember quality comes at a cost.

So, if you’re buying Maitland-Smith, prepare to pay a bit more.

Trust Your Gut

If you feel something is off, it likely is.

Remember, Maitland-Smith’s pieces are high quality and timeless.

So, if a piece seems too new, cheap, or out of character, think twice.

Consider all the tips here.

Be okay with paying more for quality.

Where To Buy Maitland-Smith Furniture

  • Online Marketplaces (eBay and Amazon)
  • Furniture Stores
  • Estate Sales
  • Antique Shops
  • Auctions
  • Consignment Shops


If you want to buy Maitland-Smith furniture, then it’s essential to understand how to identify It. Each aspect contributes a vital clue, from the furniture’s craftsmanship to its distinctive style, age, and price. While Maitland-Smith’s pieces show high-quality quality and a unique design flair, their age often belies their fresh appearance. Regarding pricing, Maitland-Smith furniture, with its superior quality and timeless appeal, usually commands a higher price tag. Lastly, trust your instincts. You may be onto something if something feels wrong or out of place. Remember, identifying genuine Maitland-Smith furniture might demand time and effort, but the unparalleled quality and timeless elegance that come with it are well worth it.


How do you identify Maitland-Smith furniture?

Identifying Maitland-Smith furniture involves checking its craftsmanship and unique style. Look for high-quality materials and excellent craft. Their pieces often seem newer than their actual age. Maitland-Smith furniture also tends to be more expensive due to its superior quality. Finally, trust your gut. A piece must be genuine if it seems odd or out of place.

What are some standard hand-carved details that are characteristic of Maitland-Smith furniture?

Maitland-Smith furniture is known for its detailed hand-carved features. These often include intricate floral designs, animal motifs, or geometric patterns. The carvings display a high level of skill and precision. It’s this attention to detail that makes Maitland-Smith furniture stand out. So, when looking for these pieces, always pay attention to the elegance and refinement of the hand-carved designs.

How do I know if I have Maitland-Smith?

Knowing if you have Maitland-Smith furniture is easy. Look for fine materials and outstanding quality. Their pieces look new despite being old. Price is usually high because of top quality. Also, trust your feelings. If something feels strange, it might not be a real Maitland-Smith. Remember, figuring out if it’s a true Maitland-Smith might take some time. But it’s worth it because of the high quality and lasting style.

What resources or experts can I consult to verify the authenticity and value of a Maitland-Smith piece?

To verify a Maitland-Smith piece, contact an antique dealer or furniture expert. They know key details to look for. Also, try online resources or forums. Here, you can show pictures and get feedback. Auction websites or furniture sales catalogues may also help. They can show pricing to help understand the value.

How do I recognise the unique finishes and patinas associated with Maitland-Smith pieces?

Recognising Maitland-Smith finishes and patinas is easy. These pieces often show rich, deep colours and subtle texture differences. They have a unique aged look, known as patina, which adds beauty. Look for warm, earthy tones like brown, gold, or bronze. The finishes often have an antique, weathered style. They feel smooth and polished.

Where is Maitland-Smith furniture made?

Maitland-Smith furniture is made in the Philippines. Skilled artisans use their hands to make each piece. This craftsmanship gives the furniture its unique style. The workers use many materials, including wood, leather, and metal. They pay great attention to each detail. As a result, every piece of Maitland-Smith furniture is high-quality. It’s built to last and always looks beautiful.

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