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What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring | Furniture Management

What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring

What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring? Place your furniture in areas unaffected by the new flooring, such as a garage, storage shed, or basement. Alternatively, consider using a portable storage unit outside your house, ensuring convenient access to your belongings once the flooring installation is complete.

Changing your floors can be exciting, but caring for your furniture is essential. When you’re getting new feet, you’ll need to consider what to do with your furniture. Moving it around without a plan can damage or slow the installation.

In this guide, we’ll explain the important things about what to do with furniture when getting new flooring, where to store it, or how to cover it up. We’ll also discuss how to maximize your space during the renovation.

Navigating Furniture Management During Flooring Installation

Understanding what to do with furniture when getting new flooring can significantly streamline the process and prevent potential furniture damage.

Primarily, it would be best to consider removing all furniture from the room where flooring is installed.

Discover our top advice for ensuring a smooth transition from old flooring to new.

What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring

Make a Plan

Making a plan is easy and helpful.

Write down which pieces of furniture you have and where they are.

Draw a map of your room and mark where the furniture is.

Think about where you can move this furniture.

Can it go to another room, or must you rent a storage space? Decide this before the floor workers come.

Identify Suitable Storage Areas

Finding the right place to store your furniture can be simple.

For more oversized items, consider renting a storage unit.

If your home doesn’t have enough space, consider using a storage facility.

It can provide a safe and secure spot for your pieces while the flooring work is underway.

Consider a Furniture Cover

If moving your furniture isn’t beneficial, consider a furniture cover.

This is an easy and affordable solution. Furniture covers or moving blankets can protect your pieces from dust and damage.

Wrap your furniture and secure the cover with tape.

This way, your items remain in the room without being harmed.

What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring

Seek Professional Help

Many moving companies offer furniture relocation services.

They have the right equipment to move your furniture, safely reducing the risk of damage.

Additionally, they can temporarily store your items in secure storage facilities.

Their expertise can save you time and effort, making your flooring installation process more accessible and stress-free.

Where to store your furniture during flooring installation?

During a flooring installation, finding a place to store your furniture can be a tricky task.

One practical option is to use other rooms in your home that need to be worked on.

You can move your furniture into these spaces temporarily.

If your home doesn’t have extra space, consider using a friend’s or family member’s home.

They have a spare room or garage where you can keep your furniture for a while.

Be sure to ask them nicely first, and remember to pick up your things as soon as the installation is done.

Another solution is to rent a storage unit.

Many storage facilities offer secure spaces in different sizes.

They can store your furniture safely until your new floor is ready.

You might have to spend extra money, but protecting your furniture is worth it.

Lastly, you could hire a professional moving company.

Many companies offer services to move and store furniture during renovation projects.

They have the tools and skills to handle your items carefully and securely.

What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Flooring

How to cover up furniture during flooring installation?

Covering up your furniture during flooring installation is a simple task that can save your items from damage.

Firstly, buy some covers.

You can find these at most home stores.

Look for covers made of plastic or cloth. Plastic is suitable for short-term use, while cloth covers are better for extended periods.

Next, clean your furniture.

This step is important because any dirt or dust left behind can scratch your furniture.

Use a cloth to wipe away any dust.

Once your furniture is clean, you can start to cover it.

To do this, spread the cover over your furniture.

Make sure all parts are covered, including the sides and back.

If you’re using a plastic cover, you should secure it with tape.

This prevents the cover from slipping off.


When planning to install new flooring, it’s vital to consider what to do with furniture when getting new flooring. Various practical options exist, such as rearranging your furniture within your home, renting a secure storage unit, or employing the services of a professional moving company. These alternatives provide safe places to keep your table during the process. Additionally, it’s beneficial to invest in protective covers to shield your table from dust and scratches during the installation phase. Navigating the flooring installation process while managing your furniture might initially seem complex. Still, with the correct planning, you can ensure that your furniture remains safe and intact while achieving a fresh look for your floors.


What to do with furniture when getting new flooring

You can move furniture to other rooms, rent a storage unit, or hire professional movers when getting new flooring. Before storing, clean and cover your furniture to protect it from dust and scratches. Plan to ensure your furniture stays safe during the flooring process.

Can you install flooring without removing furniture?

Yes, it is possible to install flooring without removing furniture entirely. This is known as the ‘room by room’ method. You shift your furniture to one part of the room, install the flooring in the cleared area, move the table onto the new floor, and continue the process. However, it could be more time-consuming and challenging than removing all furniture beforehand.

How can I protect my furniture from damage during the flooring installation process?

To protect your furniture during flooring installation, use furniture covers or blankets. These protect against scratches and dust. Also, move furniture gently to prevent damage. Hire professional movers. They have the right tools and experience to move heavy furniture safely. Planning can also help avoid injury.

What are some options for temporarily storing my furniture while installing the new flooring?

There are several options for storing your furniture temporarily. You could use a spare room in your house, rent a storage unit, or ask a friend if you can use some space at their place. Another option is to hire a ‘PODS’ or portable storage unit to keep in your driveway. Make sure to cover your furniture to protect it from dust and scratches.

Are there specific types of furniture that may require special considerations during the flooring installation process?

Yes, certain types of furniture need special attention during flooring installation. Antique or fragile furniture and heavy items like pianos or pool tables require careful handling. Also, electronics like TVs and computers must be properly disconnected and stored safely. Hiring professionals to move such items is best to prevent any damage.

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